About us

Our business has become a leading voice in the field of acupuncture. Beyond the various accomplishments, we serve a growing base of customers that attest to our professional service culture. We must state that our emergence as one of the top free online service channels that connect users to proven acupuncturists was well planned. Our first task was to understand the needs in our market and how to equitably serve a wide range of people. We gained the edge because every member of our team has put in an average of 10 years in the health and wellness industry. Every practitioner on our site has been vetted so there is no room for negative surprises.

In the early days of our business, we asked many respondents to tell us the things that they feel can help to add value to their lives. Among the many things that they mentioned, we discovered that people need an affordable but effective service. This led us to review some of the best acupuncturists that offer very decent delivery without making people break the bank. We are glad to state that we have made huge progress in this regards. Many people that have used our site have mentioned our thoroughness and the way we pay attention to the things that truly matter to them.

Our focus is to build one of the best sites that can serve anyone that needs acupuncture. In the light of the successes that we have recorded thus far, we believe that the future holds great promise.